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The Beautiful Langkawi District and What It Has to Offer

The Beautiful Langkawi District and What It Has to Offer
langkawi district
One of the places to visit in Malaysia is without a doubt the beautiful langkawi district, a district that is a place where people can find many interesting things. The district is one of the tourist places you must consider including in your plans if you are planning on visiting Malaysia. The district has a lot to offer and one of them is the interesting The Buffalo Park Langkawi. It is a park where buffaloes are kept and the buffaloes that are in the park are not used to help farmers work in a rice field. The park itself offers natural scenery that is so beautiful and many people are guaranteed to enjoy time in the park. Of course, there are other things that Langkawi has to offer to visitors aside from the park.

Varied Things to See When Visiting Langkawi District
If langkawi district is a place you would like to visit when you are in Malaysia, there are varied things you can see when you are visiting the district. One of them is Pantai beringin, which is a very calm beach that can offer a soothing atmosphere. One of the most interesting things about the beach is a fact that the beach has banyan trees aside from having coconut trees. The next thing to see in Langkawi is the beautiful scenery that Pulau Rebal offers. Aside from offering beautiful scenery, the island also offers things like a gym, a spa service, and more. Another thing to see when visiting Langkawi is Pulau Singa besar, which is a beautiful island that has various floras and faunas. Lucky visitors may even be able to see an eagle flying in the sky preparing to catch its prey, which is a very wonderful view to see.

Langkawi District and Very Interesting Spots in the District
langkawi district
Langkawi has very interesting spots people can visit and one of them is the stunning Langkawi Sky Bridge. It is a bridge that can offer a very stunning view to travelers and those who want to enjoy time on the bridge can use the Sky Cab facility to go up. The next interesting spot is Legenda Park, which is a park that is organized very well and looks beautiful. It can be a great place to spend time at in Langkawi. Those are a number of interesting things related to langkawi district and what the district has to offer to travelers.

The Stunning Pamukkale and Reasons to Consider Visiting It

The Stunning Pamukkale and Reasons to Consider Visiting It

For those who are interested in visiting Turkey, visiting the stunning pamukkale is undeniably one of the things to consider. Pamukkale is a very stunning tourist place and it constitutes a place that formed thanks to natural phenomena. The place is quite stunning since it is virtually all in white. It is a place many people are stunned by. If you are looking for a place to spend a holiday at, Pamukkale is one of the places you must consider choosing and here are some things that can be reasons for why you have to consider visiting the stunning tourist place.

The Stunning Pamukkale and Things That Make It Stunning
the stunning pamukkale
It is undeniable that the stunning pamukkale is one of the best places to visit in Turkey since the place is quite stunning. There are things that make the place stunning and one of them is a fact that the place looks like a palace made from cotton. It is very beautiful and almost all of it is white in color. Despite the fact that the place looks like a palace made from cotton, it is actually a place that consists of stones which are white in color. Stepping on Pamukkale is like stepping on snow because it is so soft and is white in color. Another one of the things that make the place stunning is a fact that people can see petrified waterfalls, which are quite beautiful, there. Those visiting Pamukkale can also see terraced basins that look amazing. The whole place itself is like an unreal landscape making it a place really worth seeing.

Interesting Things about the Stunning Pamukkale

the stunning pamukkale
There are interesting things about Pamukkale you might need to know if the place is the one you consider visiting. One of those interesting things is how you can find natural hot springs easily in Pamukkale. You can soak yourself in one of the hot springs if you want. One of the famous places to visit in Pamukkale is the famous Hierapolis pool. It is a pool that can give good health benefits to those who soak themselves in it. The waters have been scientifically proven as waters that can help cure diseases. Constituting a beautiful place that can give health benefits to those who visit it, the stunning pamukkale is without a doubt a place in Turkey to consider visiting at all costs because it has a lot to offer to visitors.

Mentawai: The Surfing Paradise You Should Visit

Mentawai: The Surfing Paradise You Should Visit
Mentawai islands
Coming to an exotic beach to spend holiday might be the best vacation for everybody. Especially for surfers, coming to the beach with great surfing wave would be the best holiday ever. Put Mentawai Islands to your holiday list! This exotic tropical island will give you unforgettable adventure experience, especially for surfers.

How to get there?
Geographically, Mentawai Islands are consisted of around seventy islands off the western coast Sumatra, Indonesia. The major islands or the most visited islands are Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai, and South Pagai.
surfers paradise
These islands are located about 150 km off the coast western Sumatra or across the Mentawai Strait. Coming to Mentawai Islands will give great adventure not only in the beach, but also in its tropical forest. Especially if you visit Siberut island which has been known as Siberut Natioinal Park, you will find a great tropical forest with a lot of tropical plant and animal species.
The best way to reach the islands is by flying to Padang, West Sumatra. From this city you can directly head to Mentawai Strait with some public transportation like taxi. There is daily ferry schedule which you can easily find in the tourist information center. Just pick the ferry which will reach your destination and you can visit the island.

Why Mentawai?
Native Tribes Mentawai
Since the islands are located off the western Sumatra coast, they directly face the Indian Ocean. This geographic location makes Mentawi a great place to surf. Every year, there is an international surfing competition held in this island, especially in Siberut Island. For any professional surfer, coming to Siberut in Mentawai Islands can give them new challenge and experience. If you want to try surfing for the first time, you can also visit Siberut since there are some professional surfing trainers you can find. The best part about Mentawai Islands is that it is located in the tropical area so you can visit this place anytime. You don’t have to worry about extreme weather or frozen ocean.  
Every day is holiday in Mentawai.
let's go surfing

What if we do not want to surf? You can still enjoy the tropical beaches in this awesome island. The beaches have white sand and beautiful corals, you will enjoy the tropical breeze and sun shine. At the same time, the islands are not too large. You can easily explore every part of the island, including the tropical island in Siberut National Park. 

The Exotic Nglambor Beach as a Great Place to Spend a Holiday At

The Exotic Nglambor Beach as a Great Place to Spend a Holiday At
Nglambor Beach
Snorkeling is undeniably a very exciting activity and Nglambor Beach is the place to do the activity in the very famous city Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Normally, you would not be able to do snorkeling at beaches in the city since the beaches in the city is on the verge of the Indian Ocean. It means that beaches in the city have strong waves and thus, visitors are not allowed to swim at almost every beach in the city. However, there is a beach in the city that has calm water and thus, swimming and even snorkeling is allowed at the beach. The beach is the Nglambor, a beach where those who like snorkeling can come and spend a holiday at.

Nglambor Beach and What Makes the Beach Interesting
Nglambor Beach
There are a number of things that make Nglambor Beach interesting and one of them is a fact that it is in a small bay between two hills. Another thing that makes the beach interesting is how it is still very clean and it can offer a very pleasant atmosphere to visitors. Near the bay, there are two small islands that look like two giant turtles. The two small islands are not only interesting but also function as things that hold waves and as a result, the beach has calm water. The water is also very clean and thus, as you do snorkeling, you can see beautiful fishes and many other things underwater. The beach is quite easy to reach since the route to take to reach the beach is the same as the route you can take to reach the popular Siung beach and it means that you can actually manage to arrive at the beach without having to get lost.

Things That You Can Do at Nglambor Beach

If Nglambor is a place you want to visit, it is probably important for you to know what you can do at the clean beach. At the beach, you can do snorkeling and fortunately, there are parties who would offer rental swimming tools to you if you want to do snorkeling at the beach. At the beach, while snorkeling, you can enjoy a view of beautiful fishes swimming in the water. In short, for those who like snorkeling and want to do snorkeling in Jogja, visiting Nglambor Beach is without a doubt something to consider since the beach is a great place to spend a holiday at.

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