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The Exotic Nglambor Beach as a Great Place to Spend a Holiday At

Nglambor Beach
Snorkeling is undeniably a very exciting activity and Nglambor Beach is the place to do the activity in the very famous city Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Normally, you would not be able to do snorkeling at beaches in the city since the beaches in the city is on the verge of the Indian Ocean. It means that beaches in the city have strong waves and thus, visitors are not allowed to swim at almost every beach in the city. However, there is a beach in the city that has calm water and thus, swimming and even snorkeling is allowed at the beach. The beach is the Nglambor, a beach where those who like snorkeling can come and spend a holiday at.

Nglambor Beach and What Makes the Beach Interesting
Nglambor Beach
There are a number of things that make Nglambor Beach interesting and one of them is a fact that it is in a small bay between two hills. Another thing that makes the beach interesting is how it is still very clean and it can offer a very pleasant atmosphere to visitors. Near the bay, there are two small islands that look like two giant turtles. The two small islands are not only interesting but also function as things that hold waves and as a result, the beach has calm water. The water is also very clean and thus, as you do snorkeling, you can see beautiful fishes and many other things underwater. The beach is quite easy to reach since the route to take to reach the beach is the same as the route you can take to reach the popular Siung beach and it means that you can actually manage to arrive at the beach without having to get lost.

Things That You Can Do at Nglambor Beach

If Nglambor is a place you want to visit, it is probably important for you to know what you can do at the clean beach. At the beach, you can do snorkeling and fortunately, there are parties who would offer rental swimming tools to you if you want to do snorkeling at the beach. At the beach, while snorkeling, you can enjoy a view of beautiful fishes swimming in the water. In short, for those who like snorkeling and want to do snorkeling in Jogja, visiting Nglambor Beach is without a doubt something to consider since the beach is a great place to spend a holiday at.

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