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The Beautiful & Natural Side of East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan can be your perfect destination if you want to explore something new for your experience. It’s one of the best areas in Indonesia that maybe not really come with high popularity as good as Bali. We can’t deny that Bali is so famous in the eyes of world where this land often said as one of the most beautiful destinations for your holiday experience. But East Kalimantan also can be your alternative solution if you want to find something different. Something beautiful and natural. East Kalimantan has its own unique atmosphere and lovely nuance. You will love it for sure.

Mulawarman Art Museum

Labuan Cermin Lake
Lembuswana sculpture

Derawan - East Kalimantan

Interesting Spots In East Kalimantan

There are so many interesting spots in East Kalimantan. For example, Mulawarman Art Museum can be your best place to go. It’s a historic place that held in 1932 by Dutch Government. So many interesting spots in this art museum such as Lembuswana sculpture in front of the building as the symbol of Kutai Kertanegara kingdom. Inside this building, you can find so many historical things from the past, also cultural description about them. For people who love art and culture, Mulawarman Art Museum is the perfect place to go and see.
Canopy Bridge
What else? Not only that, you can go to Bukit Bangkirai, a good destination to see natural side of East Kalimantan. There is Canopy Bridge or Jembatan Tajuk, a high-challenging bridge where you can walk on it to challenge yourself, also as the best spot to hunt photos around you. With fresh air and beautiful atmosphere, you will love to go to this Bukit Bangkirai to get totally new experience.
Last but not the least, there is a famous river named Mahakam river. It’s the greatest place to get beautiful view, get unique photos and see so many natural things such as tree or birds. You will love to see the cultural side along the river.
Cheap Price For Your Greatest Holiday Trip
One great advantage about East Kalimantan trip is you will get best deal about the price. Yes, East Kalimantan is perfect solution for your holiday trip because you can get cheap price about it. Different than other destinations and cities in Indonesia, usually you only need small budget to go to East Kalimantan. For better price, make sure to avoid weekends or national holiday such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve so you will get better chance to get cheaper flight ticket.

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