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The Advices for Enjoying European Backpacking Trip

The Advices for Enjoying European Backpacking Trip


Who doesn’t want to go to European backpacking trip? I think there are no one would answer that. Yes, Europe is still being the most fascinated place for backpacking. The culture, the architecture, the landscape, the foods will attract every tourist to come to Europe. This article will give you some advices to help you more enjoying the backpacking trip to Europe.

Barcelona - Spain
Barcelona - Spain
Bonifacio - France

1.     Know the season. You should know what season that brings the best out of your destination place. For example, Netherlands is the best when it is spring, with its flower grow everywhere.

2.     Pick the accommodation wisely. Though your intention is going backpacking, it doesn’t mean your options for accommodation are limited only on hostel and cheap hotel. There are good hotels that would give an affordable price for their room if you know how to find.

3.     Try the train. Europe is famous for its train that would cross all over the continent. Do not forget to try the train while you’re taking European backpacking trip. You would see the best landscape and the differences between the countries in Europe.

4.     Go to a festival. Every country in Europe has its local festival. Find the information about the local festival and take a part in there. Enjoy its uniqueness that you might never find in other place.

5.     Eat local cuisine. Set budget for foods a little high, so you could try the local cuisine. Though it is not mean you should try every local cuisine you may encounter in the trip. Just try the local cuisine that you would never found in your home.

sognefjord norvegia
sognefjord norvegia
The Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands
The Dolomites
The Dolomites

6.     Find the freebies. At the certain time some place in Europe give free for an admission ticket and tour. Find the freebies’ information to save more of your budget.

7.     Experience the outdoor. Taking Europe trip doesn’t mean you have to sightseeing inside the cities. You could try to experience the outdoor outside the cities. Are fresh air and amazing landscape the reason you are taking vacation?

8.     Indulge yourself once. When you go backpacking or in low-budget, you will appreciate every little indulgence you gave to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a big indulgence it could be dinner one night in famous restaurant or stay in boutique hotel.

9.     Enjoy the late night. Many cities in Europe still give an entertainment until late night. Enjoy the wee hours by going to historical pubs or watching flamenco in Seville.

10.  Look for the heat of the beach. Go lie in Mediterranean beach and make your friends admire your tan when you going back home from the European backpacking trip.

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