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4 Aspects to Cover by Backpacking Travel Insurance

Backpacking travel insurance becomes new demand among people since trend in gap years are accepted widely. It is said to be the greatest help for backpackers since it covers several things their budget can’t afford. If you plan to take one policy of this insurance, you should see how it covers you. Here is the list of things commonly covered.

Medical Treatment

Backpacking is fun but it also carries more risks to you. Avoiding the comfort, you are exposed to several risks. One of them is health risk. You need to know that medical treatment and repatriation can be very expensive if you are travelling abroad. Your backpacking budget will not afford it. This is when you backpacking travel insurance can help you. You will be covered and you don’t have to deal with more problems ahead.

Personal Stuff

Several personal stuffs can be in risks too, for example your passport and other travel documents, money, and other stuff. This can be a huge problem when you are travelling abroad or to places you don’t know before. Commonly travelling insurance policy will cover it as long as you make less than 24 hours report to nearby police department. The expense in reissuing your travel documents can cost too much, not to mention the other personal stuffs. 


It happens all the time. People are notified with sudden cancellation on their trips due to several problems which are commonly emergency situation. Meanwhile, you already booked for everything. Your vendors may not be able to give your money back. In such case, your insurance policy will do it. This is also the reason why you need to take your policy earlier. Cancellation can hurt your financial health and your insurance policy can handle it for you.  

Legal Stuff

Things happened and there are moments when we get caught on unwanted situation. This happens to so many travelers before and that is why travel insurance policy covers it. When problems happen, you tend to have expenses for liability, accident, or legal processes. You don’t want to use your personal saving for this, right? This is why you need the insurance policy and this is why you need one that covers well.

An ideal policy will cover them all even though it must have terms and conditions to be applied too. However, you can choose cheaper policy as long as it covers things you may encounter on your next trip. Adjust your need with the entire covers in your backpacking travel insurance.

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