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Travel Accommodation and Recommended Places in Europe

Travel destinations will be the important discussion for you who plan traveling around. Well, accommodation is one of the costs that should be fixed by travelers. During fixing this part, you can also make such limitation in order to save more your budgets on travelling. Of course, you have to find cheap accommodation for your travel.

The best way to find the cheap one is by cutting down those numbers. Then, you have to also think about your hostel, flight, culinary tips, and other things. Those stuffs can be reduced easily if you have prepared and searched anything by search engine before travelling.

Well, talking about accommodation on your travel, actually this article will give you some popular places you have to visit. Check them out here!

What to do in Dublin and Lissabon

Well, now let’s continue discussing about travel destinations: accommodation Dublin Ireland(Dublin Ireland vacation). This topic will be very important for you who want to visit Dublin. If you plan visiting Dublin, you have to make sure that you spend times at Guinness Storehouse.


In this place, you will find the integral part of Irish experience. You will be able to learn the history of Guinness advertisement. Well, don’t miss it guys!

Now, let’s move to Lissabon or Lisbon, the most popular city in Portugal. When you spend times in Portugal, don’t forget to visit Lisbon city card. What to do there? You will find the Gothic places and some important museums related to this city history. There will be also big discount you will get when visiting there. For your information, this part is also noted as one of the UNESCO heritage sites. So, you have to visit there.

Lissabon Strassenbahn

What to do in Budapest and Birmingham

Budapest accommodation can be the next topic you have to discuss in your Europe travel plans. Well, during spending time in Budapest, you have to visit the historical castle Hill with walking tour feature. This area will be very perfect for you who love walking around. Don’t forget to also try some Hungarian foods at Central Market Hall.



Then, let’s move to Birmingham. This city is very famous with The Civil Right District. It is the integral part of city where you can visit many important places such as Birmingham Civil Right Institute, the 16th Avenue Baptist Church, and Museum Chronicle.

The Last Plan to Berlin

Last, you can close your plan to Berlin. There, you can visit Philharmonic Orchestra. This place will be perfect for you who love music. This orchestra show will be directed by Englishman Sir Simon Ratte. This show is special held for the world tourists. Finally, those are all some reviews for your tour planning to Europe.



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