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Travel Planning: Warsaw City Centre Hotels and What to do there

Travel planning:Warsaw city centre hotels can be the best discussion for you who have travel plan to this capital city of Poland. May be, this city is not so popular for your ears when talking about some capital cities in Europe. But, you have to spend your free time to explore the inner beauty in this city. Then, you will realize that this city is really full of energy for all people there.

Beautyful Warsaw

Sunset in Warsaw

Royal Castle, Warsaw 

Warsaw City

During World War II this city was destroyed fully. But, today you can enjoy the result of any reconstructions. There are remodeling architectures you can see. Even it has also the heritage sites by UNESCO. You will really enjoy your free time in this best city of Poland.

So, do you want to know some recommended activities to do in Warsaw? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion for you.

Discovering the Old Town

This is the first thing you have to do when starting travel in Warsaw. Why so? The reason is very simple. You have to know that it is the oldest district with many histories. It is also located at the most important landmarks in Warsaw.

Well, at the entrance of this area, you will see the Royal Castle. There, you will learn about the great history of Warsaw. This palace was used to be the Poland monarchs’ official residence. In World War II this place was fully demolished. Today, you can see the red bricks building as the museum you can enter. This palace was reconstructed in 1984. You will really find the impressive residence ever in Europe.

Sigismund III Vasa Column

Not only finding the Royal Castle, you will also find Sigismund III Vasa Column with 22 meter of height. Then, in the heart of Royal Castle, you can enjoy some architectures and artist works. For example, you can see Syrena (Mermaid) statue. It is the symbol of Poland. Next, don’t forget to visit the oldest church of Warsaw, St. John’s Cathedral with its famous Gothic architecture.

Church of Warsaw, St. John’s Cathedral 

Eating and Shopping

After exploring some historical spots, you will continue travelling to culinary spots. Warsaw doesn’t only offer you traditional foods but also international cuisine. Well, you have to taste the most famous food of Poland, pierogi. It is kind of dumpling filled with cheese, meat, and spinach. Then, don’t forget to also try barszcz. It is the vegetable soup with a lot of variants filling. Finally, those are all some reviews you can find in Poland and travel planning: Warsaw city centre hotels.

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