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Candi Cetho, A Secret Place in Karanganyar

Candi Cetho is located in Karanganyar, Central Java.  If you stay in Yogyakarta, you need 4 hours for reaching this place. What we can see in that place? That is a big question for  you. Okay, it is a cnace for us to tel you about the attraction of Candi Cetho.  You have to prepare yourself for having the long journey for reaching this place after knowing the attraction.

  • The attraction of Candi Cetho

From Karanganyar, you need one and a half hours for reaching this place. Along the road, you will see the great panorama with natural beauty. The green tea plantation is spread out for hectares. Taking some photos in the tea plantation background will be a good idea. You just have to prepare your best cameras to capture the panorama along the tea plantation. Then, you will go to the high place. Candi Cetho is located in the high land. When you see the panorama below, you will feel that you are in the sky. That is very exciting.

  • The description of Candi Cetho

After entering the Candi Cetho gates, you have to go upside for some stairs. It might be so tiring for you. But for several minutes, you have ton be ready for being tired. After reaching the top of the temple, you will see the secret point of this place. People around candi cetho use this place for doing the ceremonial religion activity. They are Hindu people. That is why; when you are in that place. you should keep your words. Saying something bad is not allowed in this place. That is why; you should keep silent while taking photos or enjoying the panorama.

After spending one hour in this place, you may go down.  There are so delicious foods which are waiting for you in the down side. So, you must try the traditional foods coming from the local people. Now, you should make a plan to go to this place. If you are having vacation in Indonesia, you have to ask your tour guide to spare time for visiting this place. It will be the nice place to visit. Okay, those are what we can deliver for you. It is strongly hoped that you will visit this beautiful place soon. Then, you can go back after several years. Indonesian people will be always ready to welcome you with best hospitality.

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