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Challenging and Extraordinary Trip To North Korea

You may avoid North Korea for your holiday destination. It’s not because North Korea is a bad place to go, but it’s risky and different than other countries. We know from news that North Korea is like independent and isolated country. Maybe in our imaginary, we will imagine this country is dark, dangerous and full of rules. Maybe the last word is right but the first other words are totally wrong. North Korea is not dark, it’s same like another country, come with bright atmosphere and fresh air. Dangerous? If you don’t follow the rules, it may dangerous but if you obey the rules completely, it will give you different experience you love and enjoy. But what kind of rules you have to obey? And why we should visit this mysterious country? Read this article to find the best answers about it.

Interesting Cultural Places In North Korea
If you love art, culture and history, you will love to go to North Korea. North Korea trip is interesting, especially for people who love to learn different culture in different country. That’s why so many journalists or artists like to go to this country to explore and dare themselves : because this country is a challenging trip for them. More than that, there are so many interesting cultural places in North Korea for your best recommendation.
The most interesting spot in North Korea is statue of Kim Jong Il. If you want to get priceless moment to stand in front of this statue, it’s a must to go to North Korea. Not only statue, you can read cultural side of North Korea, the people and the entertaining places. Local people in North Korea is nice and friendly, even you can talk to them easily. Not only that, there are entertaining places in North Korea, so you don’t have to feel worry if you think North Korea is dark and boring country. Same like other countries, North Korea has its entertaining side with good environment.
What about culinary? You won’t difficult to find something to eat. So many foods to eat with delicious and safe ingredients. Usually if you stay at hotel, they will offer you so many great foods for your best recommendation.
Statue of Kim Jong Il

Rules and Guides For North Korea Trip
But the most important thing you should know before take a North Korea trip is about the rules and guides. Actually, rules to go to North Korea is not strange or difficult to follow. The basic rules are only you have to join a trip with many people from travel agent from North Korea, also you must promise you have completely clear personal data and profile. Some people said South Korean people shouldn’t go there, so maybe make sure you come from another country. Be nice and don’t do any strange things once you arrive in this country, follow the rules and what your tour guide recommends to do.

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