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Istanbul Turkey: When You Visit Asia and Europe at Once

Visiting Istanbul, Turkey can be the greatest holiday plan ever. Not only you will find a lot of unique culture and natural view, visiting Istanbul is practically visiting Asia and Europe at the same time. Coming to Istanbul is a perfect idea for you to get unique cross cultural experience. Especially, if you love history, visiting Istanbul will give you more experience about Asia and Europe’s religion history. Great isn’t it?

Why Istanbul
Istanbul is actually a large city in Turkey. It consists of several districts which are located in its unique location. Every district has its own different natural view and neighbourhood . Geographically, Istanbul is located in a narrow strait between Black Sea and Marmara Sea. This location creates a perfect holiday destination, especially in the side of Black Sea where you can experience floating in this unique sea water. At the same time, you will enjoy the unique culture between Aia and Europe for Istanbul is the bridge between Asia and Europe. It will be great tour in unique natural view with great cross cultural experience.

Where to visit
Galata Tower in Istanbul
There are some districts you have to visit in Istanbul. The first and the must visit destination is the Ultanahmet Old City. It was called Constantinople of te Roman in the past. In this district there are a lot historical buildings which have been used in various way, such as church which then changed to be mosque. The second is Galata. This is an area where you can find some traditional housing architecture. It is also known as a nightlife city where you can fund a lot of night clubs and pubs. It Galata you can make your great adventure. It Galata you can alway rely on its 24 hour public transportation system. The third destination is New City. It is the main business center with many modern building. This is the place where you can go shopping any time.
Another great part of Istanbul is Bosphorus. This the side of Istanbul which has European face. You can find a lot of parks, European mansion, and great bohemian neighbourhood. This place has unique cultural view for it has European architecture with Middle East touch and culture. To end your holiday you have to visit Prince Island which reflects a perfect gateway from Istanbul. Since Istanbul will expose Asian-European culture which might be really different from your own culture, you have to first learn about their unique culture.

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