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Vietnam Trip And Why You Should Visit It

Some people are bored with the idea of overrated or over-hyped countries. They want new destinations and countries to go. When it comes a decision to a holiday trip, the more unique country they choose, the more excited they are. But what kind of country that can challenge themselves and become the best option? What makes them feel totally excited and want to go to that country?

Well, if you love the idea of unique and different options, Vietnam can be your best destination to go. Why you should visit it? Because Vietnam trip may not really popular as good as another country trip such as Thailand, South Korea or America. Vietnam itself is so interesting and lovely for your best choice to travel. Here are the reasons why this country should become your best option about traveling or holiday trip :

Echnic Woman in Sapa

Different Atmosphere With Beautifully Local Cultures
In Vietnam, you can get different atmosphere with beautifully local cultures. For people who love natural view and want to explore Asian countries, Vietnam can be the best recommendation for your destination trip. Local atmospheres and views are everywhere in Vietnam, where so many local peoples are friendly with their most beautiful smile. Keep smiling and be nice to them, or maybe you can talk to them if you want to join their cultures and want to practice social interaction.


Safe Recommendation To Travel To Vietnam
But Vietnam also has its own rule and procedure to make sure you are completely safe in this country. Here are some recommendations if you want to travel to Vietnam safely, especially if you want to do independent backpacking all by yourself :
-          Avoid night life in Vietnam. Not to say that Vietnam is dangerous or full of risky crimes but you can end up in trouble if you spend time all alone on the street at night. Actually, Vietnam has the cheapest beers and many good bars when night comes, especially in Hanoi. Unless you are with someone who can protect you or with bunch of friends (like three or four friends) maybe you can still try to explore night life in Vietnam. But all alone? Better not to go.
-          Motorcycles are everywhere in Vietnam, where you can use it as alternative option if you don’t choose bus. But stay make sure you are totally know how to ride a motorcycle and can ride it safely.
-          Ask someone if you want to find address or better to plan it before you go to that place. It’s not recommended to ask taxi driver because maybe they can manipulate you where you have to pay higher cost because they choose long route to your destination.

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