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Perfect Summer and Beautiful Fall in Miyajima - Japan

Miyajima, which means the Shrine Island, is another name of Itsukushima island. The island is located in the Hiroshima Bay, which means it is part of Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. As an island which the greatest island in Japan which has been approved as a world heritage by UNESCO, Miyajima is one of the best holiday spot to spend either your summer or fall vacation.

Perfect summer day
Visiting Itsukushima in summer, especially around July and August, will get you the best summer day ever. Just before your first step on this island, you will be enjoying great Hiroshima Bay scenery from the ferry. In summer, the ocean will reflect the sun shine between the summer breeze. Especially, around July and August in the afternoon, you would see the best look of the Itsukusima shrine which has a famous Shinto shrine gate and underneath shrine under the sea. In the morning until the afternoon, you can walk to the underneath part of the torii since the water does not cover it.
Another best part of summer day in Itsukushima is that you can play with some deer which live in this island. Since they have been meeting a lot of people for so long, they are not afraid of tourists. It will be fun to take some picture and feed them. The deer are represent the presence of God in the Shinto shrine. In the summer, there are also a lot of souvenir shops and food stalls. It will be a perfect summer when you try kakigori, Japanese snow ball ice, in a hot summer day.

Beautiful fall in Itsukushima
Visiting Itsukushima island in fall day will also get you unforgettable experience of beauty. Beside famous for the shrines, Itsukushima is also famous foe its momiji. Momiji is Miyajima’s maple tree with has larger and deeper color than any maple tree in Japan. The momiji trees in this island are planned throughout the island, so the island will seem like being covered by the reddish maple leave in the fall day. During the autumn, the temperature is also lower. You will experience the fresh and cool air while enjoying the beauty of reddish momiji leaves.

To close your tout in Itsukushima, buying some momiji manju will give you a perfect end. Momiji manju is traditional Japanese pastry which is shaped like momiji leave. It is filled with azuki jam or custard.

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