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Mount Bromo: The Greatest Sunrise from The Highest

Mount Bromo
Visiting Indonesia to spend your holiday can be a great experience for you. But, which island should be visited? It seems that everyone thinking about tropical beach. In fact, visiting another area with another natural attraction will absolutely be a great idea. Coming to Mount Bromo, East Java will get you awesome experience. 

Awesome mountain experience

Visiting Mount Bromo can be a unique experience for your holiday; it is not just any Mount. The Mount Bromo is an active volcano which is part if massif Tengger, East Jave. The name Bromo is derived from Brahma which means God in Hindu. Bromo is sacred mountain for people who live in this area which has so many attractions. It is more than just a mountain. The first and the most popular spot is the Sand of Sea local people call it Lautan Pasir. This is a vast area in the Mount Bromo feet which has been protected since 1919. You will find yourself in the middle of cold desert when you are standing in this area.
The second attraction is the sunrise view from Penanjakan Mountain. This is popular view point in the 9,088 feet high above the sea level in Mount Bromo. People usually come to this place at dawn to see the most beautiful sunrise here. From this viewpoint, you can see the sun rises between the mountains and the morning fog. It is freezing there, just prepare your coat and mountain shoes before coming to this spot. The third attraction is actually located 5 minutes before Penanjakan Mountain. It is the caldera sulfur. It is pretty easy to reach this place, you just have to walk following the stairs which lead you to the caldera. It is amazing here, you can see the caldera and the active volcano reaction.

Thing you should prepare

Visiting Mount Bromo can be a challenged holiday. However, you have to prepare everything well before the holiday. First, check the local news and the government regulation. It is very important since Mount Bromo is an active mountain, checking the local news will help you getting some information like whether the area is open to public on the day you are planning to go. Second, decide the route, like whether you start the journey from Malang or Surabaya. It will affect the transportation and the budget that you need, including whether you plan to stay in Mount Bromo or coming to the mountain directly from the place where you stay. Deciding the route will help you considering the transportation, since the government do not allow you to drive your own car to mountain unless you drive an off road car. Don’t worry, there are a lot affordable off road rent cars, including the driver. The last, prepare some warm clothes and raincoat to protect you.

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